All of our team are professional Arborists, we offer our customers free advice based on our training and years of experience.  We are friendly and approachable and advice is given in an understandable way as we recognise that not everyone is a tree expert. Advice can be put in writing for you to digest in your own time.


We will always come and visit you to look at any work before providing a price so that we can discuss the work and understand what it is you want to achieve.  Every location and tree is different, for this reason we do not give quotations over the phone.  Quotations are confirmed in writing in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Quotations and Our Advice are Completely Free - please call to arrange a visit

01473 781979 or 07717 874594

We use our years of experience and knowledge to suggest the best possible solution for both you and the tree.

Upon accepting our quotation we will arrange a convenient day and time to carry out your tree work.  If the tree has a Tree Preservation Order or is located in a Conservation Area we can offer guidance to help you complete the local authority application or we can complete this on your behalf.  On receipt of a letter of consent from the council we can carry out the work.

When we arrive on site to commence the work, all of the necessary risk assessments and method statements will have been prepared to ensure that you, the general public and our employees are safe whilst the work is carried out.  When our work is complete we ask our customers to inspect what we have carried out and to sign it off, confirming you are happy with the work.
Our customers always compliment us on how efficiently and competently we carry out our work and very importantly, how clean and tidy we leave the site. 

Customers sometimes like to keep some or all of the timber for their open fires and log burners, we can leave this in manageable sections or we offer a log splitting service.  Woodchip from our chippers can also be left for customers to use as mulch in their gardens or allotments.


Our advice takes into consideration the customers required outcomes and needs, and solutions are offered to best meet with needs of the trees as well.  We assess the best forms of pruning and work to BS3998 industry standards.  

Customers contact us for all types of advice, such as:

Trees and buildings - Is my tree too close to my house or a building?
How can I let more light into my garden?
My tree or trees are taking up too much space in my garden
Can you complete a tree preservation application or conservation area application for me?
I think my tree is unwell, dead or dying
I think my tree has a disease
There is fungus on my tree, is this a sign my tree is unsafe?
Trees and the law
Neighbourly disputes 

Pests and Diseases

Pests and diseases are of particular interest to our Lead Arborist and business owner Chris Harris. Chris has over 18 years’ experience in the industry and especially enjoys fungus!!

Greenacre Trees and Landscapes are often asked for advice in this area when:
fungal brackets are found, usually in the autumn
leaves die off suddenly or prematurely in the season
leaves are smaller than usual or deformed
leaves have strange marks or spots on them
trees that usually produce fruit, produce less or fruit falls from trees before they are ripe
bark starts to die and fall off the tree
unusual insects are found on leaves or on the wood

Emergency work
Storm damage or fallen trees 24 hour call out
Dangerous and fallen trees
Roadside trees
Highways, local authority, private / domestic