Roadside Hedge Trimming

Hedges on footpaths and roadsides must be maintained to ensure pedestrians and vehicles can pass safely.  The local Council may serve a ‘vegetation order’ if boundary vegetation is not maintained and is causing access issues.  If you have been served and order, do not panic as you are given a short amount of time to rectify and trim back the offending vegetation.

Greenacre have worked on all sorts of roadside hedges either trimming, reducing or removing them.  Work is carried safely and efficiently to minimise risk and disruption.  Greenacre are qualified to work on the roadside and to operate appropriate traffic management (Streetworks; Signing, lighting and guarding) from stop and go boards to traffic lights if required. 


Greenacre carry out hedge and shrub trimming over the summer holidays for a number of local schools making them presentable ready for the new academic year ahead.

Building and Construction

We also carry out hedge reduction and removal, as well as site clearance, for building contractors at the very beginning of the building process in order for them to access and work on development sites.  We also are there at the end of the building process to plant shrubs and hedges and to trim existing hedges so the new development looks smart and impressive, ready for client handover.

Using arboricultural surveys and reports, we often work closely with the onsite Ecologist and Tree Officers in order to comply with legislation and protect wildlife and habitats.

Quotations and Tenders

We're happy to submit tenders and quotations following a free no obligation site visit. If you have any questions please complete the contact form or give us a call on 01473 781979 or 07717 874594.

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