Once a tree or large shrub has been felled, stump grinding is a fast and effective way of removing the remaining stump below ground level.  There are many reasons people have stumps removed:

  • To make space where trees once were ‘re-useable’
  • To replant or reinstate a lawn or driveway where a tree once was
  • Useful to stop tree stumps sprouting and re-growing
  • Stump grinding is particularly useful when removing a tree from groups of other trees, which are to be retained. This makes sure the other roots are not pulled or torn when digging or winching

What is stump grinding and how does a stump grinder work?

The stump is cut with a chainsaw as low as possible to ground level. The stump grinder is a self-propelled machine with a fly wheel on the front.  Set into the fly-wheel are carbon tipped teeth set at different angles.  When the fly-wheel is engaged it spins at high speed and the teeth gradually mill, cut and chip away at the stump.Protective guarding is put around the work area to protect the surrounding area.   

Greenacre_Trees_Landscapes_Stump grinding 5.JPG

Stump grinding can be carried out to various depths depending on how the space is then going to be used.  Most stumps are removed to a depth of 20cm in order for the ground to be re-instated as grass or paving.  However, our versatile machine can go to depths of around 40cm where replanting is taking place.

Our stump grinder can tackle most size and types of stumps. Our latest machine is a new Predator 38RX grinder which is a powerful machine without being too big. It is controlled remotely making it easier for the operator to stand in good view of the stump enabling more precise cutting. It is ideally sized at 66cm wide (26inches), under the width of a standard single gate and can get into the tightest gaps. The tracks have variable width settings and can extend out to a meter (39inches) to enable a solid working footprint.

Watch below the official Predator Machinery Ltd video showing the Predator 38RX in action. The video shows The Predator 38 RX gaining access into tight areas and carrying out stump grinding.

Quotations are based on how long the stump will take to grind out.  We quote for the removal of individual stumps or multiple / groups of stumps, our quotations take into consideration:

  • The type of tree, as different trees have different wood density
  • How deep you would like us to grind to
  • Where the stump is located
  • Ease of access

After stump grinding the hole is back filled with the spoil which consists of soil and woodchip, any excess can be removed or the spoil is good for garden composting / mulch material of borders and vegetable plots.  The site is always left clean and tidy when we have finished.

What happens to any remaining roots or stump that are left behind?

The remainder of the stump and its root system can then gradually rot away underground without disrupting any of the surrounding area.

Greenacre Trees and Landscapes undertake stump removal from individual small tree stumps in people’s gardens to large stumps on Council pavements requiring surveying for underground utilities and services.

Our stump grinder is also available for hire, please contact us for more details.  If you want to talk call us on 01473 781979 or 07717 874594.

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